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"I have been referred to Big Sky Physical Therapy on two separate occasions, for two different injury situations. Once by my Primary Care Provider and once for post-surgical recovery by the hand surgeon who operated on my hand.

In both cases, the referral included the assurance that Dawn Christian is Missoula's best Physical Therapist for hand therapy. In both cases the treatment I received from Dawn was complete verification of those assurances.  

Dawn Christian relieved the hand problems and restored full mobility for me. Even though I was only a patient of Dawn, both Lauren and Codi always took time to visit with me when they saw me in the waiting room, and their personal consideration confirmed for me that I was welcome there. Sherry took extra efforts to work out appointments that could fit me into Dawn's patient treatment schedule. Every part of my visits to and rehabilitation treatment at Big Sky Physical Therapy was a positive experience and personally rewarding. 

Anyone in need of physical therapy in Missoula can not possibly do any better than to entrust their patient care to Big Sky Physical Therapy."

– Lewis


"A Big Thank you to Dawn for her really great detailed care. I really enjoyed having her as my physical therapist and getting to know her."

– Mary


"Codi, I wanted to thank you for your help with getting my knee rehabbed after surgery - I have been skate skiing since the end of December and have gone 13 times- My goal is 25 by the end of the season mid March.

I met my 25 times skiing goal just this past Sunday!!"



"It has been amazing!!! I picked Big Sky Physical Therapy because it is a smaller business and I felt that attention to the patients would be one on one and it was in private rooms rather than open spaces. I was right. My experience was very professional. The PT's are knowledgeable about their craft and the owner promotes nothing more than a fantastic working environment, friendly and professional. Jenna is the best office manager I have dealt with at any given time. Thank you!!"

– Rocio


"Lauren is a wonderful physical therapist. She was very thorough in her diagnosis of my problem. She continually refined her solutions as treatment unfolded. Lauren has a gift for explaining how bodies work, which helps at home exercises more useful. Lauren is supportive, caring and fun. It is a pleasure to work with her."

– Joann


"After 5 months of sciatic pain (daily pain level of 6-8) I saw Lauren in December. After 4 visits I experienced 80-90% reduction in pain. I continue to do the daily recommended exercises at home and now have 0-1 pain some days. Thanks Lauren. You know your stuff."



"I am immensely grateful for finding Dawn Christian at Big Sky Physical Therapy through a search for a certified hand therapist in Missoula. Having both Lymphedema in my right arm and a locked wrist from an injury. I feared trying new therapies but had such a limited range of motion and an atrophying arm, so I reached out to Dawn for help. Dawn's extensive and holistic knowledge of the body and how it works is the best I have experienced. At my first appointment, she expressed confidence in being able to regain significant range of motion. She believed the ASTYM therapy would improve blood flow and lymphatic flow, and she was absolutely right. Regenerating the tissue and increasing the flows through a variety of techniques and exercises have been instrumental to regaining functionality in my wrist that I thought was gone forever. Thank you Dawn for improving the quality of my life on so many levels with your healing hands!"

– Sue


"I loved it! My therapist Lauren was very kind to me. Because of Big Sky Physical Therapy I can open my jaw without panicking because it is out of place. Thank you sooooo much."

– Kaelin


"PT is essential to rehabbing and strengthening your core postpartum. It not only strengthened my core, but also alleviated my back pain. I totally recommend it to all postpartum women, especially after a cesarean."

– Anonymous


"I was seriously burned on my right side of my body. My right arm range of motion was impaired. Dawn Christian worked on the arm and burned chest and I now have range of motion with my arm and improved burn areas. The care given at "Big Sky Therapy" is outstanding."

– Gerald


"I am so thankful for my time working with Dawn. When I came in, at first, I believed my right arm would never feel the same or work 100% ever. Dawn's methodical, knowledgeable approach, teaching me exercises & evaluating them, and relieving pain was wonderful. I have use of my arm again and tools and knowledge to keep it that way. PLUS, Dawn is just a lovely person who I looked forward to visiting with."

– Estee


"The treatment I received was done with not only knowledge and respect but with warm friendship and encouragement. The home exercises were always given clearly and I found the printed out exercise directions very helpful. I am encouraged by how much use I have regained in my wrist and continue to do so. I want to take this opportunity to personally thank Dawn for her expertise, care and commitment to my recovery."

– Meta


"I just wanted to thank you and everyone else at Big Sky Physical Therapy for all your help! Without you guys, I wouldn't have been able to heal up nearly as quickly and get back into the game as soon. I had set my goal to be ready to play by the tournament in Butte and with your help I was able to achieve that! I scored a personal record of 5 goals in one game so I guess I really am back and better than ever. Once again, thank you so much for your help in getting me back on my feet, it really means the world to me."

– Braden